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FACT mission

A proactive US partner for Italian Companies to help them develop strategic plans and succeed in the US market by:

FACT International inc. U.S.A

Consisting of experts on US Import/Export food safety regulations, FACT supports local and foreign companies to meet the new requirements introduced by FSMA regulation in the US and Safe Food in Canada.

FACT International inc. U.S.A

FACT Consulting is a FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) compliance company which has been operational since May 2017 when the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) became law. FACT has acted as FSVP Agent and/or as Qualified Individual of the FSVP Importer for many US Importers, distributors and foreign producers. FACT has approved more than 400 foreign producers/suppliers, within a variety of product categories originating from more than 30 different Countries, for compliance with the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) of FSMA.

Leonardo Natale

Our Partner FACT Inc.

FACT support foreign companies in fulfilling the new requirements, introduced by the FSMA in the USA and by the Safe Food for Canadian Regulation in Canada.

The network makes you available for the USA and Canada:
  • Hazard analysis experts;
  • Laboratory test (BAM, AOAC, EPA);
  • Legal for the validation of food labels;
  • Regulatory Auditors;
  • International logistics experts;
  • Experts in customs matters.

We welcome you and we are available to help you to better understand the new challenging north american regulations.

Leonardo Natale – CEO, PCQI, FSVP

An experienced FSVP Agent expert with PCQI and FSVP certification, a native Italian, and importer of food products into the USA, Leonardo Natale is US Import Agent’s Chief Executive Officer. He has helped dozens of food businesses successfully comply with US FDA requirements and is responsible for ensuring that all clients receive the US based representation required to be in compliance with FDA rules and regulations. See linkedin profile.

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