Our FSVP Agent

  • Hazard analysis made by our Qualified Individual;
  • Foods and Suppliers Evaluation made by our FSVP Agent and Qualified Individual;
  • Assistance and Support to your Customs Broker with all the activities regarding the FSVP Program entry by entry;
  • Checking and Reviewing the Food Safety Program documentations of your Warehouse(s);
  • Checking and Reviewing the Sanitary Transportation plan documentations of your Trucking Company(ies);
  • Labeling review;
  • Regulatory Audit to your suppliers;
  • Verification activities (Sampling and testing, Documental review, Audit on site);
  • Assistance during an eventual Audit on the part of the FDA.

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Your choice of US FACT  Agent could mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful process, so take the time to think through your needs. You may find our FAQ section on US Agent requirements helps to answer your questions.
FACT offers reliable and cost effective solution for US Agent services for small companies.

fda approved | food & beverage fair
fda approved | food & beverage fair

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We’re ready to work with you! To appoint us as your US FDA agent, simply fill out the online form and complete the process to be contacted. Once we receive your consent, we will begin supporting your registration and regulatory communications.

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